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Thursday, May 9, 2013

·   Why is it that when you do a Google search for pictures of “silence” a good 75% 
of the results show either someone with tape x-ed over their mouths or someone with a finger in front of their lips? Silence is becoming an endangered species that we have to fight to protect.

·   Pay attention the next time you watch a modern action movie, maybe one like Die Hard 4. As you watch Bruce Willis outsmart, outshoot, and outdrive the bad guys, separate yourself a second from the story line and focus on the cinematography. More often than not, the camera angle doesn’t remain the same for more than just a couple seconds. It is constantly switching, moving, changing perspective, showing something new. And then listen: there is never a quiet moment. No silence. None at all. Either music or dialogue or sound effects or some sort of noise.

·   Silence becomes more and more coveted, whether for the worker whose life is a continuous humdrum of activity from dawn until dusk or for the parent balancing kids, laundry and a thousand to-dos a day. The rhythm of life makes it objectively more difficult to have the silence we need. Only if we value it and fight for it will we find it.

·    We almost can’t live without noise. Kids constantly wear earphones, we can’t resist turning on the radio in the car. So much so, that before, people would wish for quiet in order to sleep peacefully and soundly. Now, we plug in noise makers so we can sleep! The silence is deafening and if there is no noise, we have to create it just to feel at peace.

·    It’s funny how a parent might punish a child by sending him/her to a corner or “naughty boy chair” in order for him to have some quiet time and think about what he has done. Maybe that is why we shy away from silence: we don’t want to think about things like that. Are we afraid of silence?

·    Nature teaches us that some of the most important things happen in silence. Who has ever heard the budding of a morning glory? Who has heard the sun rise over the horizon? Who has heard a baby growing in its mother’s womb? If we are attentive to the silence, we will see all kinds of growth in ourselves as well.

·   Stories of people who have survived in the wilderness alone after accidents for long periods of time often relate how being alone made them reflect on life and what is truly important. That is one of the greatest things that silence offers us: a rediscovering and strengthening of who we are deep down inside.

 ·    Many would argue that they don’t have time for silence; there is too much to get done. Don’t forget, that the more you take care of yourself, body, mind and spirit, the more able you will be in carrying out your other responsibilities. Take the time for yourself, and you will get it back in full.

·    You may have difficulties looking for silence for the sake of silence. Be smart. Find the place or the atmosphere that helps you be more reflective. Try sitting outside, listening to calming music, prayer, meditation…find what helps you and be TENACIOUS in allowing yourself that much needed medicine, a little bit of silent time every day.