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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TRIUNE's  Vocational Team with Another Success Story

Ruben Luna, a member of the Vocational Team at TRIUNE Health Group, just reported his second placement success in less than a week.  In this most recent case, Ruben assisted a 34-year-old Injured Worker (IW) who had sustained an injury to his right ankle in August 2011.  He was referred for a vocational assessment 18 months after the injury in March 2013, then the file was closed in June 2013.  The case was re-opened in July 2013 for job placement services.

       While the IW was capable of lifting at a medium physical demand level, his standing tolerance was limited to 15 minute intervals.  He required a “sit/stand” option which put him in light or sedentary capacity for purposes of job placement.  The IW had a 9th grade education and was bilingual in English/Spanish.  At the time of injury, he had been employed as a union laborer and driver.  He also possessed some supervisory experience.  The IW’s additional experience was as a construction waste hauler, dump-truck driver and had somewhat remote experience as a customer service representative at an in-bound call center.  The IW reported having minimal computer skills.

          Ruben provided Job Seeking Skills Training (JSST), created a resume for the IW and taught him basic computer skills.  Ruben created an e-mail account for the IW for job search purposes and Ruben engaged in job development activities on the IW’s behalf.  After an unsuccessful job interview 4 weeks into the effort, the IW became discouraged. Ruben then provided supportive counseling to keep him focused and motivated.  Ruben also obtained approval for the IW to take Forklift Operator Safety Certification Training.  The IW was contacted by a potential employer after posting his resume on a job search board and an interview was scheduled.  The IW felt the interview went well and Ruben encouraged him to send a “thank you” letter created for him. The “thank you” note was a partial reason for the IW being called back for a second interview. The IW was offered a $15.00 per hour position as a Lab Tech 2 days later with a concrete testing company.

          Follow-up with the IW 2 weeks post his start date found him elated to be working and being in a job which afforded him the opportunity to sit or stand and to use a forklift for heavier lifting.  It was 3 months from the time placement services started until file closure. The total billed charges on this file were just over $5,700.00.

          Ruben and the entire Staff at TRIUNE Health Group would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your next file.  Please consider your caseload and ask what TRIUNE Health Group can do to help you.  Contact Stephen Sprauer, Vocational Services Manager, at 800-633-0884, to discuss your specific needs or visit our website at www.triunehealthgroup.com to make a referral.