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Thursday, March 17, 2016

What Wage Loss?

Ruben Luna was successful in placing a 53-year-old Injured Worker (IW) - A Journeyman Electrician who suffered a right hand and wrist injury resulting in a 10 pound lifting restriction.

Ruben provided Job Seeking Skills Training, and created a resume that conveyed the IW's work history as a foreman and project manager. Ruben also determined that the IW's skills would be greatly enhanced by enrolling in CAD classes. The IW was provided job leads and instructed to contact electrical contractors while attending CAD classes. The IW was hired at $44.80/hour. His current employer commented that the IW has been one of the most productive foremen they have ever employed.

The IW was involved in 8 months of job placement efforts after not working for 5 years. The total cost was just over $12,000 with no anticipated wage loss.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How medically necessary is a Urine Drug Screen?

Urine drug screens do play a vital part in the plan of care as a  tool to monitor compliance with prescribed substances, identify the use of undisclosed substances, and to uncover a diversion of prescribed substances.

However, unnecessary CPT code charges are being billed in large dollar amounts: $1,200 - $3,000.  Initially, a qualitative screen should be completed. A quantitative screening is not recommended, unless there are inconsistent results. Expensive testing is not helpful or required in the treatment plan.

Let TRIUNE Health Group help you determine if all aspects of a high cost urine drug screen is medically necessary with a Utilization Review.