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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Please Welcome...

Laurie Wells RN, CCM

Laurie graduated with a Degree in Nursing from Madison Technical College, Madison, Wisconsin. She is a Registered Nurse with an extensive background in Workers' Compensation Case Management and licensed in the State of Wisconsin.

As a Medical Case Manager, Laurie has served as liaison for the injured worker, healthcare provider, employer, attorney, and insurance carrier. Her background includes working for two large Case Management Companies assisting injured workers in their recovery and successful return to work. Laurie's commitment to exceptional, comprehensive, and timely Case Management has resulted in consistently exceeding the needs of the injured worker while facilitating cost-effective outcomes.

Laurie has worked in the role of Occupational Health Nurse for a large employer developing and implementing a cost-saving program without sacrificing the service needs of the employees. In this role, she managed the daily operations of the Employee Health Department and scheduled the Nurse Staffing. Laurie's Clinical Nursing experience includes the position of Emergency Room ACLS Registered Nurse for a large hospital. She also served as ACLS Registered Nurse and volunteered for several Emergency Medical Service providers. Laurie is a Certified Case Manager.

Friday, October 13, 2017
Here to Serve You!
Happy National Case Management Week! 

This note of gratitude is dedicated to our excellent Team of Case Managers
who provide optimal results on a daily basis!

We are truly blessed to have you as a part of our Team of dedicated professionals
serving the needs of our customers.

Our Case Managers are ready to help you
experience the TRIUNE Advantage!

Monday, October 2, 2017
Please Welcome!

Nurse Case Manager Bilingual English / Italian
Serving in Michigan

Elizabeth is a bilingual Nurse Case Manager with an extensive background in Workers' Compensation Case Management as well as Auto Injury Insurance claims.   Full Bio

Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Oakland University, Rochester Hills, Michigan. She is a Registered Nurse with an extensive background in Workers' Compensation Case Management as well as Auto Injury Insurance claims.

Elizabeth has provided Medical Case Management Services to include Catastrophic Case Management for Employers, Insurance Carriers, and Third-Party Administrators. Her background includes working for several large, national Case Management Companies assisting injured workers obtain the optimal care needed to reach maximum medical improvement and the ultimate goal of a positive and safe return to work. Elizabeth's commitment to exceptional, comprehensive, and timely Case Management has consistently exceeded the needs of the injured worker while facilitating cost-effective case resolution.

Elizabeth has worked in the role of Health Service Specialist for a large automobile corporation coordinating and administering Occupational Health services. Her Clinical Nursing experience includes Occupational Health and Perioperative Nursing.

Elizabeth is fluent in both English and Italian. She is licensed in the States of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
Monday, September 11, 2017
Please Welcome!
Thomas Wingert RN, OCN
Bilingual English / German
Serving the Chicago Area

Tom is a Nurse Case Manager working with all types of injuries. His depth of clinical experience and training helps him in creating appropriate and best practice care plans based on patients' individual needs.  Full Bio

Tom graduated from Waubonsee College in Sugar Grove, Illinois and is a Registered Nurse. He is a Medical Case Manager in Workers' Compensation in the Metropolitan Chicagoland region with a certification in Orthopedic Nursing. Tom has worked in several large hospital environments and for various Home Health agencies. His clinical nursing experience includes Emergency Room, Cardiac Cath Lab, Medical Surgical/Same Day Surgery, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, and in Home Health.

Tom has developed strong working relationships with physicians and with patients, in patient care and education. Tom is an expert in creating appropriate and best practice care plans based on patients' individual needs. Tom's Emergency Department background is in Triage and evaluation, and care for traumatic injuries. His Cardiology training includes certification as a Registered Cardiovascular Interventional Specialist and also had Trauma Nursing training. Tom holds certifications in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Basic Life Support, and is also certified as an Orthopedic Nurse.

Tom also has degrees and experience in the fields of Industrial Manufacturing Technologies and Hospitality and Restaurant Management. Tom is fluent in English and German.
Friday, May 26, 2017
Please Welcome!
Sonia Rembisz RN, CCM
Bilingual English / Polish Nurse Case Manager
Serving the Chicago Area

Sonia is an experienced bilingual Nurse Case Manager working with all types of cases including, complex and catastrophic injuries in Workers' Compensation.
Full Bio

Sonia received her Nursing degree in Poland and her CCM certification from Kaplan University in Chicago, Illinois. Her many years' experience working for numerous, national Medical Case Management companies has contributed to the exceptional care plans she develops for the injured worker resulting in safe and timely return to work solutions.

Sonia is highly organized providing expert and proactive communication with all pertinent parties in expediting problem solving and positive file closure outcomes. Sonia's background includes Medical Cost projection and developing patient education programs. She has worked as a Medicare Case Manager for patients with Cardiac, Pulmonary, and pre-renal disease developing protocols, presenting at clinical seminars, and providing education and solutions for improved outcomes for the chronically ill. Sonia's clinical background also includes Charge Nurse and Preceptor for an ICU for a large Health Care facility, where she was a member of Standards of Performance and Measurement committees. Sonia has also served as Charge Nurse for a Telemetry Unit for a Medical Center creating family education programs for monitoring patients. Sonia is a member of AACN, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, and is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and CCRN, providing direct care to acutely and critically ill adult patients.
Thursday, April 27, 2017
Leslee Valentini RN, BS, CCM
Serving Des Moines, Iowa and the Surrounding Area

Leslee is a Registered Nurse and received her Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois.  She is a Certified Case Manager with extensive experience as a Workers' Compensation Field and Telephonic Case Manager serving the Des Moines, Iowa region. Leslee has worked as a Medical Case Manager for several national Workers' Compensation Case Management companies developing and enhancing strong communication between injured workers, employers, insurance companies, physicians, attorneys and interdisciplinary health teams. Her comprehensive assessment and coordination of the injured worker's treatment needs facilitates a positive experience for all parties involved, including proactive education and support to enhance successful participation in rehabilitation and an early and safe return to work. Leslee also has experience with Catastrophic Case Management. She is licensed in Illinois and Iowa.

Carole Holdaway RN, BSN, CCM
Serving Iowa City, Iowa and the Surrounding Area

Carole graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Teikyo Marycrest University in Davenport, Iowa.  She is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Case Manager in the Iowa City, Iowa region.  Carole's background and experience includes many years as a Workers' Compensation Medical Case Manager for various national Case Management companies. She has also provided Catastrophic Case Management to critically injured and complex-injured patients. Carole's strong collaboration with insurance companies, employers, physicians, and injured workers contributes to exceptional and cost-saving treatment plans, and excellent care for the injured worker.  Her focus on returning injured workers to pre-injury status quickly and successfully has resulted in positive return to work solutions.

Let us know how we can assist you!
Friday, April 14, 2017
Join us in welcoming...

Charles Lieble
Senior Sales Executive
Charles brings many years of knowledge and experience to you
within the Workers' Compensation arena.

Exceptional Customer Service, the hallmark trait of living out TRIUNE Health Group's mission of People Helping People, is what Charles conveys in his interactions. He is a strong proponent in creating lasting relationships and providing exceptional service to his clients. He is adept in working with a wide variety of people: Self-Insured and Self-Administered Employers, Insurance Companies and Adjusters, Third-Party Administrators, Attorneys, and other professionals within Workers' Compensation.

Please reach out to Charles, he is ready to serve you!
Please join us in welcoming...

Adriana Rubio RN
Serving the Chicago Area
Bilingual English/Spanish

Adriana graduated from Northwestern College in Bridgeview, Illinois, and is a Registered Nurse. Her background includes experience in Workers' Compensation Field Case Management for a National Case Management company. Adriana educates injured workers in the Case Management process and develops a patient-focused Case Management plan. She ensures that patient care and interventions meet or exceed established goals of treatment. Her strong communication with, and advocacy for, injured workers, coupled with her excellent collaboration with insurance companies, physicians, attorneys, and employers result in positive return to work outcomes. Adriana also has experience working as a School Nurse and as a Hospital Nutritional Care Specialist in the U.S. Army Reserves. Adriana is a Medical Case Manager in the Metropolitan Chicago region and is fluent in English and Spanish.

We would welcome the opportunity to assist you!
Friday, January 20, 2017
On The Road Again!

Mary Schmit just placed a 38-year-old Inured Worker (IW) with no wage loss.

The IW was a union truck driver who suffered a traumatic amputation of his left ring finger.  He had 3 surgeries and was released with a 50 pound lifting and carrying restriction, and additional restrictions with regard to gripping. The employer of record could not accommodate his restrictions.

This file was referred 13 months post date of injury for an assessment prior to the provision of RTW restrictions and before reaching MMI.

The IW had maintained his CDL license and endorsements, a fork-lift operator certificate, and had a current medical card.  He was not a high school graduate and did not have his GED.  He reported being computer literate with limited keyboarding skills.

Once MMI was reached and restrictions were provided, Mary met with the IW on a weekly basis.  Mary prepared a Rehabilitation Plan, created a resume, and provided detailed Job Seeking Skills Training. Mary provided numerous job leads with multiple phone and in-person interviews.

Within 3 months, the IW secured a regional truck driving position with pay equal to the pre-injury wage and full benefits.  Total cost on this file was just over $7,000.