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Friday, January 20, 2017
On The Road Again!

Mary Schmit just placed a 38-year-old Inured Worker (IW) with no wage loss.

The IW was a union truck driver who suffered a traumatic amputation of his left ring finger.  He had 3 surgeries and was released with a 50 pound lifting and carrying restriction, and additional restrictions with regard to gripping. The employer of record could not accommodate his restrictions.

This file was referred 13 months post date of injury for an assessment prior to the provision of RTW restrictions and before reaching MMI.

The IW had maintained his CDL license and endorsements, a fork-lift operator certificate, and had a current medical card.  He was not a high school graduate and did not have his GED.  He reported being computer literate with limited keyboarding skills.

Once MMI was reached and restrictions were provided, Mary met with the IW on a weekly basis.  Mary prepared a Rehabilitation Plan, created a resume, and provided detailed Job Seeking Skills Training. Mary provided numerous job leads with multiple phone and in-person interviews.

Within 3 months, the IW secured a regional truck driving position with pay equal to the pre-injury wage and full benefits.  Total cost on this file was just over $7,000.